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Week 10: Polish and Final Presentation

After tons of work, late nights, and countless play testing sessions we finally have a product worth showing. While we were quite under-scoped for this class (this is both good and bad) we had plenty of time to polish our game which made our game stand out from the rest of the class. As part of our presentation for the class, we have recorded a quick video showcasing all of the mechanics and the game loop. Check it out below:

Each of our team members provided tons of help with this project. Here is what each worked on:

3D ModelsEnvironment set piecesFish player with rigsAnimationsMovement, Attack, Hit, and respawn ProppingEnvironment LayoutArt Direction.Zac:
Fish Controller:Made physical controllerPlay Testing:Play tested literally everywhere, with those who play fighting games tooRecruitment:Brought in music talentScripts:BombDeath BoxMovementAttackHit edge casebug fixingInput:MovementAttackLogicBug Fixing Tomas: 
Sound Effects:Movement soundAttack soundMiss soundScripts:Aesthetic:…

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